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Daniel Aschenbrenner

Secretary General

Daniel is an architecture student with roots in Austria and Spain. After a highschool full of debate and MUN, many expected him to go down the diplomacy route. This unexpected turn of events proved to be the best villain backstory, as he now frequents MUN conferences across the UK posing as a defenseless architect. When he is not scamming politics students, Daniel enjoys table tennis, learning mandarin and playing chess (where he is currenlty fighting for chexit - the independence of chess from table top society)

Dep sec gen

Phia Li

Deputy Secretary General


Phia is an Economics student, from Manchester, with a penchant for all things research and old British comedies. Since discovering MUN in the last year of secondary school, she has not looked back.


In the rare instances she isn’t dedicating every minute of the waking day to MUN, she can be found at home enjoying Tetris and critiquing movies at ridiculous times of the morning. She is looking forward to welcoming you all to Bath and hopes to make this conference one for the history books.

USG Chairs
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Luca Angelo Melis

Deputy Secretary General


Luca is a third year Aerospace Engineering student with an interest in space policy and defence. He has been BathMUN’s Secretary since 2022 and worked as Under Secretary-General for Internal Affairs and Communication for the BUMUN 2022 Conference. He has been focusing on developing new ideas and stories for the regular debates and crisis sessions the society holds. Further, his role involved responsibilities ranging from administration to public relations to ensure the well-functioning of the society.

Giorgio Barbacci Schettino 

USG Finance

Giorgio is an Undergraduate Student in Economics at the university of Bath, as well as the Treasurer of BathMUN Society. Being a Foreign Student at the University of Bath, with Italian Nationality, Giorgio has an interest for the world of Diplomacy and International relations. He has participated in a few competitions in his first year at university level MUN, and most notably has achieved an honourable mention award at the LIMUN (London International Model United Nations) 2023 Conference, where he was part of the US Delegation on the ECOSOC council. Giorgio Enjoys staying up to date on current International Relations events.

USG finance
USG Events

Thea Uttley

USG Events

Thea is an Economics and Politics student at Bath. She enjoys cooking, and MUN, and is working on a special recipe for MUNing. It involves a balanced blend of carefully selected ingredients: lashings of cooperation, a dash of diplomacy, a splash of sovereignty spiel, and a healthy dose of spicy feistiness. Bake for three days, and hope it doesn't burn. Passing a resolution is the cherry on top! Thea hopes delegates enjoy the conference, and looks forward to seeing the hearty debates they cook up.

USG Marketing

Alexander Davies

USG Marketing

Alex is a second year economics and mathematics student from the New forest, UK. His interest in MUN stems from its unique mix of international politics, history and a bit of drama! Outside of mun, he can be found wandering the streets of bath, admiring the architecture, and if he has earphones in, he's probably listening to ABBA. He hopes everyone has a thought provoking, engaging, but above all, fun conference!

USG Logistics

Matthew Hull

USG Logistics

Matthew is originally from Ireland. His hobbies include running, music and reading. He fell in love with the concept of MUN ever since it was first introduced to him. He adores the international nature of it as well as the preparation, discussion and the welcoming environment it fosters. BUMUN has been a great home for him since coming to Bath and he can't wait to hold a conference that highlights all the great aspects of MUN both here and further beyond.

Crisis Director

Emily Ansell

Crisis Director

Emily is a Politics and International Relations student. Originally from Portsmouth, UK she has been participating in Model UN for over 4 years. She currently balances her new role as the society's training secretary with planning the crisis committee for Bath’s conference. In practice, this means she spends lots of her time dreaming up new ideas for training activities, and even more planning fictional coups. Outside of MUN, Emily can usually be found tending her jungle of houseplants, exploring the city with friends, or mending yet more kit she’s broken whilst training with the archery club.

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